‘He loves my worship ­– mistakes and all’

  • Singer and songwriter: Kamila Burgess is shown in this promotional photo
  • Love of Jesus: the cover of Armor, Kamila Burgess’s single

After graduating from Bible school, Kamila Burgess travelled through the UK for seven months helping people in need of spiritual guidance.

Some didn’t have any money, others were in abusive relationships; many were hurting emotionally as a result of life’s challenges.

God encouraged Ms Burgess to give them hope through song.

“Over many nights while I was living in the UK, I prayed and cried for the broken hearts of these people,” she said. “That’s when the inspiration behind my first single, Armor, was born.”

The point she is trying to get across through the song and accompanying video is: no matter how hard a situation in life may get, never give up.

“The overall message is that God is with you, and through Him you have the power to overcome,” the 28-year-old said. “My prayer is that people will leave after listening to the new single, with greater hope in Christ.”

Although she grew up in a “musically inclined family”, Ms Burgess insists that getting up on stage is such a nerve-racking experience that she didn’t sing in public until her mid-20s.

It was around this time, while attending Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, she started playing the piano, drums and electric guitar, and leading worship at a church.

Reminding herself that she was there for God, not anyone else, helped keep her calm.

“My first time before an audience I felt like I wanted the ground to open up and just swallow me — I was so afraid of singing the wrong note or playing the wrong key.

“I was so caught up in what people thought of my worship that I had forgotten that worship was never intended for people to receive, but rather for people to give to Jesus and that He loves my worship — mistakes and all.

“Once I accepted the truth about what Jesus Christ thinks about me, fear became an easier thing to overcome.”

She reflected on God’s word and used scripture to inspire her lyrics for Armor. She then started to play with different styles of music until she got the right sound. The studio recording was the “fun part” because it allowed her to collaborate with her producer Tristan Wilson of TWilson Media to bring the songs to life.

“Within the studio you have a wider array of sounds and tools available for you to create,” she said. “My producer and I have the kind of brother and sister relationship where he knows my heart.

“When I have a new song, I give him the rough draft, and he takes off with coupling my idea with the sounds to match.

“The process of creating a song from start to finish can take anywhere from a few hours to months or more, depending on the artist and the process.

“It’s similar to writing a book. Sometimes you get writer’s block and have to leave it and come back.”

Figuring out when to release Armor was another big challenge. Again, she also had to get over the fear of what other people’s might think. In the end, she decided to just release it for God’s glory.

Now that the song is out, she’s been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and just how much it has encouraged and uplifted others.

“I feel that allowing my song to go public has caused me to come out of my shell of wanting to be in the background,” she said. “My typical personality is to live in the shadows, but I believe that in this season, God is pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing His glory to be made manifest through my gifting.”

Her plan is to release songs that speak to her testimony of overcoming various trials. Armor is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

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