Meeting the challenge

  • A safe space to learn and grow: Jonathan and Candice Lambe’s show, Life with the Lambes, is on Facebook every Monday night (Photograph supplied)

Jonathan Lambe always had a passion for technology and video production, but was not sure how he could use it to glorify God.

Then one day it hit him — he could create a TV show that offered encouragement and support to other believers. Life with the Lambes appears on Facebook Live every Monday at 9pm.

Mr Lambe and his wife Candice tackle a wide range of subjects from a faith perspective such as unresolved issues, setting healthy boundaries, relationships and chasing your dreams.

Life with the Lambes was a way for us to minister to people on a much broader scale,” the Bermudian said. “We started embarking on this project during a season of uncertainty in our lives.

“My sister had passed away last May, so my wife and I chose to leave our home in California to move to the East Coast and look after my grandmother, who is 104 years old, in New Jersey.

“We were waiting on God, wondering what’s next for us because our ministry, Reign Life, back home in California had to be put on hold.

“We were stuck in the house for most of the day as caregivers but we had a camera and a computer and realised we could communicate with people that way.”

Life with the Lambes became an avenue for the couple to track their spiritual journey and share exactly what God had been teaching them.

The aim is to inspire, equip and empower by offering a safe space for people to learn, discuss issues and grow in faith together.

“Candice and I have worked together in ministry activities before, but this was the first time we worked this closely and directly with one another,” Mr Lambe said.

“We had to learn how to collaborate on everything from writing and planning out the content, to recording and following up with feedback.

“The topics and preparation for the shows have given us the chance to talk about things we’d rarely discussed before in our seven years of marriage, such as our own individual childhoods and adolescence.

“It has helped us say, ‘Oh, now I get it. I see why I am acting this way’. It definitely stretched and challenged us to be more vulnerable, try to understand one another and work with each other in a new and fresh way.”

Mr Lambe calls himself a “church kid” — his parents were pastors and most of his other family members were also actively involved in ministry.

However, that was not a path he initially wanted for his life. “I ran for a long time,” he said. “I was always in church but my relationship with God was very strained. Back in those days it was always what you couldn’t do; the dos and don’ts of religion.

“Then at 13, I thought this isn’t working for me. I was battling depression.

“It was a very transitional time in my life and I didn’t know who I could trust. I was just a mess.

“I was going through those emotional challenges and didn’t have peace or joy. I thought, maybe it would be better if I wasn’t on the planet.”

In desperation, he called out to God asking if He was there.

“When I reached out to Him, He reached back,” Mr Lambe said.

“That’s when I began to embark on a relationship with God, began to feel His presence and realised He wasn’t mad at me.

“He loved me enough to send His best gift, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for me.”

Two years later he was preaching; Bible college followed.

Mr Lambe’s hope is that he can show people how to thrive in their faith, instead of just survive.

“What I noticed a few years into my life preaching and ministering to people was that they were doing the ‘right things’ — going to church and reading their Bibles — but their outlook on life wasn’t changing.

“They were still dealing with anger, not happy and struggling to see their salvation as a gift.

“They were living like the only reason they were saved was to make it into heaven once they die.

“But I know God has so much more for us to experience while we are actually living on Earth.”

God came to “bless, love on and heal” people, Mr Lambe believes.

He insists the Lord can handle any issues, questions and drama and be a source of life for everyone.

“In my own life, I am constantly endeavouring to grow in all areas — my marriage, ministry, relationship with the Lord and personal character.

“I don’t know if I will ever arrive, but it’s a journey and through our various platforms we want to share the things that have worked and not worked, as an encouragement to others.

“We don’t ever want to come across like we are perfect and have it all together, but we are growing and that’s what matters.”

The Lambes were not sure how well their show would be received on social media.

They believe they have found their voice and hit their stride over time.

Mrs Lambe said: “The aim is to provide useful information, but we also have to be true who we are.

“At first, we would talk about more cultural issues and had a segment about entertainment and current events but over time we’ve realised the value of our show is God-centred.

“Now, we focus more on life in Christ from our point of view.”

In the last month alone, more than 200 people started following Reign Life on Facebook.

“We are not just doing it as a hobby,” Mr Lambe said. “It’s blessing people.

“For us, it’s not about the number of views or likes and we are not looking for fortune or fame as long as someone is getting something of value out of it, that’s what counts.”

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