Special Valentine’s Day fundraiser planned

  • Looking out for families: Gina Spence is behind a Valentine’s Day fundraiser for children and families who are at risk (Photograph supplied)

Strength for the Journey radio show is hosting a fundraiser to assist children and families at risk this Valentine’s Day.

Called ‘Love Songs are Back Again’ it takes the form of a dinner and show at Willowbank Resort Conference Centre in Sandys.

The radio show is hosted by Gina Spence every third Sunday on Hott 107.5.

Through the show’s platform, she discusses a plethora of real-life topics and situations, offering a message of hope despite challenge and hardship.

“The whole mandate for Strength for the Journey is for the pre-believer, the person who just has not met God yet, or the believer who was serving God and lost their way. Sometimes people just need a way to get back in,” Ms Spence said.

The Valentine’s showcase will be an opportunity for people, coupled or not, to come together and have a good time celebrating love.

It is not exclusively a Christian event, all are welcome to attend and enjoy an evening of good music, fun and fellowship.

“The social environment is a great way to introduce or reintroduce people to Christ. I’m not going to be standing up there preaching but the love of God will be seen,” Ms Spence added.

“Some people want to have a good time but don’t want to be in an environment where there is alcohol, drugs or smoking. So, this event is designed with them in mind. They just want a healthy space to still enjoy life, go to a good show, have good music and a good time.”

The showcase will be a celebration of love — all kinds of love, not just romance.

“I know what it feels like to be alone and feel lonely on Valentine’s Day and wish the day would just be over with.

“This is a safe space where you can come and celebrate love, no matter what your relationship status is.”

The proceeds from the event will help Gina Spence Productions and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda.

The latter currently supports 120 children and teens through its mentorship programme.

Gina Spence Productions’ Champions Programme helps some of Bermuda’s most vulnerable and at-risk youth, those whose fathers have lost their lives due to gun violence.

Although 63 children are registered it actively services 32.

‘Love Songs Are Back Again’ takes place on Valentine’s Day at Willowbank Resort Conference Centre from 6pm to 10pm. Mr Magic, Lady Tyson, Vance Goater, Jaae Blaque, Olivia Hamilton and Mallissa Furbert are all part of the line-up. Tickets, $125 for the dinner and show; $50 for just the show, are available at, Ricky’s Barbershop and at the door. Anyone who cannot afford a ticket should contact Ms Spence:; 707-5224