Estwanik leads locals

  • Ready to run: Chris Estwanik, dressed in a suit to run the United Airlines New York City Half-Marathon, alongside Ryan Wilson and Corey Brunton who suggested the idea. Estwanik ran seven minutes quicker than the current Guinness World Record for completing a half-marathon in a suit

Chris Estwanik wore a business suit as he ran the United Airlines New York City Half-Marathon in 1hr 11min 36 sec.

That time was seven minutes quicker than the Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon run in a suit, a record that will transfer to Estwanik if it is ratified by the Guinness organisation.

It was Estwanik’s debut in the New York race, and he led home a large contingent of runners from Bermuda.

Wilson and Seamus Fearon were the next from Bermuda to finish, both crossing the line in 1:15:37, while Brunton clocked 1:20:25. Among the women was Rose-Anna Hoey, who ran 1:28:04, Martina Olcheski-Bell clocked 1:30:22, and Alison Schindel crossed the finish line 1:31:17.

Among the other Bermuda runners to complete the race were Michael Schindel in 1:24:22, Jonas Muir Wood 1:24:25, Aaron Garcia 1:26:30, John Thompson 1:26:58, Mark Wilcox 1:28:27, Chris Eaton 1:29:02, Ricky Sousa 1:30:58, Laura Wright 1:31:33, Kristen Palmer 1:35:18, Catherine Mello 1:36:34, Danielle Marr 1:36:23, Marie-Lyne Dore 1:37:18, David Hoey 1:38:24, Teresa Humphrey 1:39:50, Cary Butterfield 1:40:39, Tammy Hall 1:42:55, Shana Griffiths 1:42:58, Katarina Hoskins 1:45:33, Destiny Merkl 1:46:12, Charlie Griffiths 1:47:55, Mollie Bigley 1:48:44, Ashley Pimental 1:48:48, Sharon Hammond 1:48:49, Patricia Borland 1:52:37, Liz Madeiros 1:52:38, Raquel Loureiro 1:54:03, Aine O’Sullivan 1:55:28, Ian Hind 1:55:39, Madison Brewer 1:55:37, Emma King 1:56:05, Catherine Warner 1:56:07, Emily Birrell 1:59:43, Vanessa Hollis 2:03:03, Ashley Gillis 2:05:07, Zoe Kempe 2:05:07, Frances Betts 2:06:58, Susie Thompson 2:07:45, Michelle Berkeley 2:10:30, Susana Brewster 2:20:54, Alexandra Dunlop 2:23:19, Sonia Rymon-Lipinski 2:32:08, Nicola Ferreira 2:32:09, Catherine Farnworth 2:32:30, Ruth Phillips 2:41:43, Kelly Stockley 2:48:39, and Tammy Boss in 2:55:22.