Duffy hopes to finish on a high in 2021

  • Home, sweet home: Flora Duffy believes the Grand Final Bermuda in 2021 will be the perfect way to finish her ITU triathlon career

Flora Duffy has revealed she hopes to finish her ITU triathlon career in the “perfect way” by bowing out at the 2021 Grand Final in Bermuda.

Duffy said she had expected to wind down her career after the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, but has shelved those plans so she can perform her final race in front of her home crowd.

The two-times world champion said it was “amazing” to hear that the island had been successful in its bid to host the end-of-season race. The Bermudian did not say she would be retiring from the sport after the Grand Final in 2021.

“On a personal note, it actually works out super well because after the Toyko Olympics I was thinking about winding down my ITU career,” Duffy told The Royal Gazette.

“Having the Grand Final in 2021 sets up the perfect way to end my ITU career. For me, it’s incredibly special.”

Duffy believes the success of MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda, a race she dominated from start to finish in April, helped tip the bid for the Grand Final in the island’s favour.

Two WTS races are already scheduled to be held in Bermuda in 2019 and 2020 as part of a previous bid in 2016, in which the island lost out to Edmonton, Canada, for the 2020 Grand Final.

“For the ITU to award a Grand Final to a country, it has to hit pretty high standards,” Duffy said. “So that just shows how well the WTS event went.

“A large thanks has to go to the organisers and everyone who put in so much time and effort to make the event a success, especially the spectators who came out and lined the streets, and gave the event an atmosphere like no other on the circuit.

“It was incredible and I think it blew the ITU officials away. It’s a very, very cool thing to have a Grand Final, which is a much bigger event [than WTS Bermuda].

“It’s fabulous; the global triathlon community will get a taste of Bermuda and get to experience the island.

“It’s great that we can keep building [triathlon in Bermuda] until 2021.

Duffy will miss the Grand Final Gold Coast, Australia, this weekend because of a foot injury.

She has raced through the pain barrier several times this season, including her epic victory in Bermuda, which came just weeks after claiming the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The Colorado-based athlete has also missed races in Leeds, Edmonton and Montreal this season because of the tendon problem.