Dre Hinds http://mobile.royalgazette.com Dre Hinds en-us Overcoming hurdles can define who you are Fitness is life-changing, life-saving and, more importantly, a lifestyle. We all can sit and reflect on why we may have started eating healthier, moving more. We all can reflect on a time when a huge hurdle was placed in our path and we had to make a decision - jump or quit. I would like to assume that jumping was the only option for the... http://mobile.royalgazette.com/dre-hinds/article/20191113/overcoming-hurdles-can-define-who-you-are Wed, 13 Nov 2019 07:00:00 EST http://mobile.royalgazette.com/dre-hinds/article/20191113/overcoming-hurdles-can-define-who-you-are/?=191119943