Bermuda players get virtual makeover

  • Virtual reality: Nahki Wells’s computerised character celebrates scoring for Burnley in the new Fifa 18 game (Photograph supplied by Bermemes)
  • Reggie Lambe’s digital persona wheels away after netting for Carlisle United a(Photograph supplied by Bermemes)
  • Spot the difference: Nahki Wells lines up for Premier League side Burnley in the new Fifa game (Photograph supplied by Bermemes)
  • Reggie Lambe is mobbed by his virtual team-mates
  • Zeiko Lewis receives plaudits from his computerised fans

Local gamers can take control of five Bermuda footballers in the latest instalment of the popular Fifa computer game series.

Nahki Wells, Reggie Lambe, Zeiko Lewis, Freddy Hall and Nathan Trott have had their virtual selves created in Fifa 18, which was released last Friday.

Unsurprisingly, Burnley striker Wells boasts the top statistics of the quintet, with an overall rating of 71 out of 100, while Lambe, the Carlisle United winger, is the second highest Bermudian at 63.

Zeiko Lewis, of New York Red Bulls, is ranked at 60 — perhaps slightly generous given that he plays for the team’s second string in the United Soccer League, whereas Lambe is banging in the goals in Sky Bet League Two.

The makers of the video game have also rated Hall, of Irish team Limerick, two points higher than fellow goalkeeper Trott, with a ranking of 59.

Trott, however, has backed himself as the best video gamer at West Ham United and, speaking to the club’s website before Fifa 18’s launch, the England Under-20 goalkeeper said he was eager to discover his rating.

“Hopefully, I’m going to be on the game for the first time this season, so it will be interesting to see my rating,” the 18-year-old said.

“Hopefully, it’s decent and respectable. That’s what everyone looks for first, their own rating. I’ll go through all the stats. People get so disappointed if Fifa get the wrong strong foot of the player or bad stats for certain things. Hopefully none of that happens for me.”

Trott said he regularly gets the better of his academy team-mates in their Fifa battles.

“I play against a lot of the academy lads and there are a few who give me good games,” he said. “Malyk Hamilton is really good, and Jahmal Hector- Ingram is up there, too.

“Those two are probably the hardest I have played. But I still fancy myself as the best. I definitely back myself, I’m No 1 in the whole club!”

Trott also revealed the secrets to his purported success at Fifa.

“I like to counter-attack and then defend aggressively to try and win the ball back,” he said.

“I’m all about pace and strength going forward — they are my two big things when it comes to scoring goals on the game.”

To put the Bermudian players’ ratings into context, Cristiano Ronaldo has knocked Lionel Messi off his perch, with the Real Madrid maestro having a rating of 94, one better than the Barcelona talisman.

The only Premier League player to make the top ten is Chelsea star Eden Hazard, who is eighth with a rating of 90, although there are four representatives from England in the next ten in the form of Alexis Sánchez, Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Agüero and Thibaut Courtois.

Bermemes has created a short video showing the Bermudian quintet in Fifa 18 action, which reveals the questionable likeness of their digital characteristics.