Coaching Hornets a labour of love for Boyles

  • Devarr Boyles during his first stint as Dandy Town coach in 2005

Devarr Boyles says he is excited about the challenges ahead during his second stint coaching Dandy Town Hornets.

The former Town midfielder has succeeded Kwame Steede, who has opted not to coach in favour of focusing solely on playing this season.

“I was coming back to Western Stars Sports Club to help out in a different capacity,” Boyles said. “But Kwame wants to play and in order for him to play someone has to coach; it’s supposed to be a team of coaches.

“Myself, Calvin Blankendal and a few other people are supposed to help out because I had already committed to doing something else. For all intents and purposes, I would say that I am the head coach.”

Boyles says he accepted the role out of a passion for the club.

“A lot of people work at different clubs because they like the game, but when you go to your boyhood club it’s more for love,” he said.

“I’m not coaching because I like to coach, now it’s just for love. Hopefully a different outpouring happens for me.”

The former Bermuda Football Association Youth Director guided Town to league and cup honours during his first coaching spell at the club.

One player Boyles particularly rates is promising defender Jaire Eve. The 16-year-old Berkeley Institute pupil impressed on his debut during Town’s 1-0 defeat to North Village in the Dudley Eve Trophy last week, a competition honouring his late great-grandfather.

“Jaire looked fine in his first game and that goes back to the work of the youth academy,” Boyles said.

“This is senior football playing against a top team, a team that I coached last year, and he didn’t look out of place.

“He looked as good as the rest of them, if not better.”

Blankendal, the former BFA vice-president, was caretaker coach during that match, which was decided by Terryn Fray’s first-half header.

Boyles will oversee his first game in charge during Town’s remaining Dudley Eve Trophy group A match against PHC Zebras at Goose Gosling Field on Thursday. Town must win in order to avoid being eliminated.

“The only way we stand a chance is by winning and then hoping PHC beat village by a bigger score than we lost to them,” Boyles said.

Town’s match starts 7pm and will be followed by the group B match between Robin Hood and Somerset Trojans at 9pm.