BFA benefits from training equipment

  • Shooting for the stars: Maurice Lowe, centre, of the BFA, shows off some new training equipment, alongside Branwen Smith-King and Stan Douglas, both of the BOA

The Bermuda Olympic Association has demonstrated its support of the Bermuda Football Association by helping to purchase new equipment to aid the development of players.

The purchases of a Globus EuroGoal 1500 football training machine and AP Capture imaging equipment and software was funded through the BOA’s partnership programme with the Pan American Sports Organisation, which makes new equipment available to qualifying national sports federations free of charge.

The Globus EuroGoal 1500 is a manoeuvrable, sophisticated training machine that shoots footballs at high speed with various trajectories, while the AP Capture imaging solutions system, comprising of a camera, joystick controller, portable telescopic sports mast and special software, will provide the BFA with the ability to capture, analyse, and present footage to players for learning and training purposes.

“The importance of having the right equipment to support the daily activities in a football academy can’t be understated,” said Maurice Lowe, the BFA director of technical development.

“The BOA equipment support programme was timely and a step in the right direction. We have seen our results improve from years gone by, and we are confident that, with this new equipment, we will see further improved and sustained performances.”

Meanwhile, Judy Simons, the BOA president, added: “The BOA is focused on helping young people in all sports along on their journeys to success.

“Football in Bermuda has a large following, so helping the BFA upgrade its training and coaching tools with new equipment is a benefit to our whole community.

“We know that it will enhance the fine work that the BFA already does to support the development of talented footballers, and we’d like to acknowledge the BFA for their efforts. It’s gratifying to be able to assist them.”