Events ‘boost Bermuda’

  • Giovanni Savarase, the New York Cosmos head coach, talks to striker Amauri during a training session at the National Sports Centre (Photograph by Lawrence Trott)

Tourism in Bermuda has been given a boost this weekend, according to Kevin Dallas.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority chief executive said the Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship, Triple Challenge, Ariel Re Rugby Sevens and New York Cosmos match have brought in an estimated 400 visitors. “This is the kind of weekend that solidifies Bermuda’s position as a premier sports tourism destination,” he said.

Ariel Re is the title sponsor of this weekend’s collegiate rugby event, now in its second year.

“This event provides a unique opportunity for our young, local athletes to compete in front of US collegiate coaches,” said Michael Doyle, senior vice president of operations at Aerial Re.