Professional dream comes true for James

  • Centre stage: James, middle, secured his Pro Card in Aruba

Hafid James offers more proof that dream can come true with hard work, dedication and a good support system.

For the past several years the 31-year-old bodybuilder, who trains out of Positive Results Gym, has been chasing a dream of attaining professional status.

That dream became reality at last weekend’s Ben Weider Legacy Cup in Aruba where the Bermudian finally earned a Pro Card.

Competing in the men’s physique up to 178lbs category, James placed first in the height class and was then judged as the overall winner.

“It’s been a three year journey trying to get this,” an elated James said.

“I started competing in 2012 but didn’t really get serious until 2014, so to achieve it feels really good and honestly it hasn’t fully hit me yet.

“I had to get first place in the height class and I think that was probably more emotional than anything else. Once we got the overall it just felt good and definitely burden lifted.”

With a Pro Card now secured, the personal fitness trainer needs no reminding that the real hard work starts now.

“I have just reached the NBA but not on that LeBron level yet,” he said. “Now it’s time for me to work my way up the ranks because I was a top amateur but now I am a bottom ranked pro so I have to work my way up that ladder.

“I will probably take a year off from competing because I have to put on some more size to play with the big guys and then probably in a year’s time I will do my first show.

“I’m trying to reach that Olympia stage which is like the Super Bowl of bodybuilding and I think I have the potential to go all the way.

“I have total faith in myself and I know my team believes in me and so it’s about putting in that work and staying hungry and not lose my focus and edge and just go for it.”

James is greatly indebted to his supporters.

“My support has been strong and last year was really a tough year,” he said. “There were times a part of me felt like giving up but people like my coach Carmichael Bryan, aka Pro Maker, my sponsor Kara’s Kitchen and my brother Shae urged me to keep pushing for that next show and it has been a real blessing to have some of the people I have had in my life because I wouldn’t be here without them.

“I want to thank my coach, my sponsors, Sergio White of Positive Results and the entire Body on Fire family as well as my family and friends for supporting me.”