Easton and Cottingham bid for perfection

  • Power crazy: Andrew Cottingham and co-pilot Henry Talbot (Photograph by Loren Morrissey)

Shaki Easton and Andrew Cottingham are one chequered flag away from a perfect season.

The two pilots remain unbeaten going into tomorrow’s season-ending Spanish Point Grand Prix and National Championship on the Great Sound and will be keen to maintain their winning ways and cap an extraordinary year of racing.

Easton tops the A class leaderboard in the national championship series going into the final race and another victory would see him become the first entry in his class to go unbeaten in a season in several years.

He holds a significant lead over Cleveland Maybury, who is the only pilot who has a chance of reeling him in.

Cottingham has a larger lead in the hunt for the D class national title but can also be caught with double points on offer in the timed event. The B class national title has already been clinched by Ryan Resendes, who goes into the season finale with an insurmountable lead. The battle for the S class crown has come down to the wire, with Stephen Bridges and Daric Seymour tied at the top of standings.

Ernie Mello, the race director, has urged race fans to come out and witness what promises to be a thrilling end to the season.

“It’s turned out to a be a very good national championship series and the quality of competition is what really has made the season we have had,” he said.

“Unfortunately we are not ending it as we traditionally do at Ferry Reach. But we are ending in a very good spot with the Spanish Point Grand Prix and National Championship series, which I believe is going to be a really fitting end for what was a short season for everybody.”