Pocket de Gold breaks record

  • Photo by Heather Mello

Green machine: Pocket de Gold and driver Christian Truran were in fine form at Vesey Street at the weekend

Colin Mello achieved his goal of breaking the mare’s record with his pony Pocket de Gold on a night of harness racing when multiple track records tumbled at the weekend.

Mello’s Indiana-bred pony ran a blistering 1:02/4 in the Free for All with teenaged driver Christian Truran at the helm to eclipse the previous mare’s record (1:03/1) held by IC’s Overextended and record a lifetime best.

“This is a big achievement and something that I have worked hard for the last couple of years,” said Mello, whose retired stud Big Red Machine holds the overall track record, which stands at 1:0¼.

“She had been in 1:03/2 twice this season, which is a fifth off the record, so I figured she would be able to do it and the last couple of weeks she has been really strong.

“I am excited and happy and this is one of the things that Christian and I wanted to accomplish this season because she is retiring at the end of this year and going back to Indiana to breed.

“I am really proud of Christian who has put lifetime marks on all the horses I have this year, which includes Itsallaboutme, Pocket de Gold and Thisbabyrocks.

“He took my filly Thisbabyrocks in 1:06 flat, which is a fifth of a second off the Bermuda-bred two-year-old record, so he has done really well this season.”

Pocket de Gold is a former New Year’s Day Stakes winner in the both the three and four-year-old divisions and also previously held the two-year-old record for the 5/16th mile track in Indiana.

Gold N Glory and Reel Patrol were the other two ponies breaking records during last Saturday night’s racing schedule.

Charles Whited’s gelding Gold N Glory broke the overall two-year-old’s record with teenage driver Kiwon Waldron. It is the third time this season that Waldron has steered a pony to the overall two-year-old’s record, having already done so twice with Lee Raynor’s stud Special Gold. Pocket de Gold, Gold N Glory and Special Gold all share the same father.

Also in record breaking form was Ashley and Jason Peniston’s mare Reel Patrol, who set a new overall Bermuda-bred record after running a 1:03/3 with Andrea Westerfield in the bike.

Reel Patrol also holds the Bermuda-bred two year-old record, which stands at 1:05/4.