Bus drivers finish unbeaten

  • Back l-R: Iris, Dillion, Simmons, Butterfield

Front: Zuill 

Missing from photo: Substitute players Laroy Jones and Wayne Greaves

A pool team comprised of Public Transportation Board bus drivers have achieved an extraordinary feat.

The team, who go by the name Bermuda Breeze, produced a clean sweep of victories last month playing at their home venue at Mariner’s Club against Bermuda Pool League rivals Pitbulls, who were a player short.

The home team went unbeaten in the 20 games that were played, winning the remaining five games by default because of their rivals turning up a player short. Keino Zuill, the Bermuda Breeze captain, believes that he and his team-mates have made history as the first local team to go unbeaten in a series.

“A guy, who has been playing for years, said the team that I figured would have done it [swept a series] never did it,” Zuill said.

“He said that they came close and it’s never been done before and we are the first to do it. We did it with four players instead of five, but it’s still something that no one else has done and doesn’t really take anything away from the achievement. Even though we did play a man short, for the other four players to all get 50s is still a big achievement because playing 20 games without a loss is hard to do.”

Zuill admitted the pressure was on once he and his team-mates realised they were within striking distance of the sweep.

“The pressure was on and all it needed was just for somebody to slip up and we would not have been able to achieve it,” he said.

“Everyone was playing well and when we got down to the last three games and I spoke with the team and told them that nobody needs to lose and to fight a little harder. They held their composure and came through.

“It feels really good to make history and everybody is really excited about it.”

Dialo Butterfield, Reid Simmons, Mike Dillion, Mark Iris, Laroy Jones and Wayne Greaves are the remaining members of Team Bermuda Breeze.