Taylor-made ‘super hero’ comes to the rescue

  • Fair dinkum: John Taylor helped out Katura Horton-Perinchief when she needed a rare fuse for Bermuda’s compression boots

A Gold Coast “super hero” came to Bermuda’s rescue in their search to fix equipment that speeds their recovery after competition.

A former television technician overheard the team’s officials desperately trying to find a rare fuse for their compression boots.

After checking local electrical stores, Katura Horton-Perinchief, Bermuda’s chef de mission, was left empty-handed until John Taylor stepped in to save the day.

“I was upset because the guys needed the boots for that day,” Horton-Perinchief told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“We asked the employee at Ideal Electrical if he knew of anywhere we could find the piece we were looking for.

“Out of nowhere this older gentleman next to us says, ‘Oh I think I have that in my workshop.”

Horton-Perinchief, who competed for Bermuda in diving at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and her assistant followed Taylor to his private workshop where he worked his magic on the compression boot equipment.

“He had this beautiful workshop that was completely organised,” Horton-Perinchief said.

“He went right to the second drawer and pulled out three, obviously rare, 1.6 amp fuses that work in our converter for the boots.

“John was our super hero that day and absolutely saved us.”

Taylor told the Gold Coast Bulletin that he considered his charitable act “just a small thing”.

He said: “I was standing in line with my son when we heard these people needed 1.6 amp fuses. They just got lucky that I still had all of the gear in my workshop.”

Horton-Perinchief hailed Taylor’s “true Australian spirit” and said Bermuda’s team were extremely grateful.

“It’s what you would hope to find here, an ambassador for the country like that,” she said. “He was that through and through.”