Teixeira aims to have the total package

  • Pumping iron: Monica Teixeira will be competing the Bikini and Figure Classes at the Night of Champions at the Fairmont Southampton tonight (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Monica Teixeira will be venturing into the unknown when she steps on to the stage in the Bikini Class at the Night of Champions at the Fairmont Southampton tonight,

Teixeira has traditionally competed in the more muscular Figure Class, but believes her slighter frame could be better suited to the Bikini competition, which rewards the overall package — proportion, symmetry, balance, shape and skin tone.

“Bikini is the newest of the female classes,” said Teixeira, who will also compete in the Figure Class. “The judges look for an overall package; it’s not just the physique, it’s the presentation, the posing, the make-up, the suit, the way you walk, the way it complements everything.

“Since I started competing [in 2013] the look in Figure has become more muscular, a more conditioned, harder look.

“Unfortunately, I can’t build that kind of muscle. I’ve been trying for five years but I don’t have that base. I’m going to try both and see where I fit best.”

Teixeira, who is among three athletes competing in more than one class, admits she tries not to think too much about the seven competitors she will be up against in the Bikini Class.

In a sport as subjective as bodybuilding, she knows that all she can do is “bring the best version of yourself to the stage” and leave the rest in the hands of the judges.

“All you can do is bring your own unique flair,” said Teixeira, who trains at Positive Results.

“It’s kind of impossible not to think about who else is competing, but when it comes to physique sports I’ve realised it is subjective.

“It’s not really helpful to watch the rest of the competition. It’s best to put the blinders on and focus on yourself.”

Teixeira, who will go head-to head with Joy Eve in the Figure Class, added: “I’ve had a couple of months since the last show I did [in Halifax, Nova Scotia] and I think I’ve improved.”

Troyunde Davis will also face a one-on-one battle in the Male Bodybuilding category, where he will be competing against Paul Simons, his Ultimate Fitness Club team-mate.

It will be Davis’s second time gracing the Night of Champions stage; he came fourth in last year’s event.

“It was an exciting experience,” Davis said of his debut appearance. “It made me want to work harder. I’m just focusing on myself and just trying to enjoy the experience.”

Davis said he does not know too much about his rival Simons as they train at different times.

“I don’t see him too often,” he said. “He trains during the day while I usually go during the evening.”