Double joy for Johnson, Teixeira and Simons

  • Champagne moment: Monica Teixeira claimed top honours in the Women’s Figure and Bikini class at the Night of Champions at Fairmont Southampton on Saturday (Photograph by Akil Simmons)
  • Flex appeal: Julian Johnson performs his routine in front of the judges at the Fairmont Southampton. The 26-year-old won the Overall Men’s Physique and the Men’s Classic Physique on Saturday night (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Julian Johnson and Monica Teixeira were the big winners at the Night of Champions at the Fairmont Southampton on Saturday — with both competitors claiming a pair of titles.

Johnson retained his Overall Men’s Physique title, having won the Class B division as well as the Men’s Classic Physique, while Teixeira was crowned the Bikini Class and Women’s Figure champion.

Also walking away a pair of titles was Paul Simons, who won the Men’s Bodybuilding and the Masters Physique. He also placed third in the Men’s Classic Physique.

The night’s other winner was Jerry-Dee Dears in the Women’s Physique.

Johnson, whose ambition is to win a pro card and compete at top shows overseas, said he knew he was in good enough condition to vie for honours.

“I’ve taken a liking to developing the entire body and not just the top half,” said the 26-year-old, who was competing in his fourth Night of Champions.

“I’ve been trying to improve the whole symmetrical physique. I just wanted to deliver a package as best as I could.

“I don’t believe I have what I need to consider myself the best, but I knew I had something that I could at least present myself on stage properly.”

Teixeira said her Women’s Figure win meant the most to her as she was stepping into the shoes of her “inspiration” Sabrina Burgess, who did not compete this year.

“I really didn’t expect that — I’m over the moon!” said the 26-year-old. “I’ve always looked up to Sabrina. I think she’s a four or five-times winner of the Women’s Figure.

“Sabrina has just been a huge inspiration. Sabrina is the bomb! I’ve been competing in Figure for five years and worked so hard for it and now I’ve finally won. Now I can close that chapter as I transfer to Bikini.”

Teixeira now hopes to be selected for Bermuda’s squad for the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Mexico City from July 27 to 29.

The competition was meant to held in Mexico City in September last year but was cancelled after the region was hit by two earthquakes.

“It’s up to the [Bermuda Bodybuilding Fitness Federation] to decide,” she said. “The select committee will sit down and pick the strongest athletes from the night.

“Just because you won doesn’t necessarily mean you will go — there’s a good chance, though.

“If they did invite me it would so be so cool as I’ve never been. I’d love to represent Bermuda and finally wear that tracksuit. I’m dying to wear that tracksuit!”

Simons, 51, said he hopes to inspire people of a similar age to stay fit, active and healthy.

“It’s all about making good use of your time,” Simons said. “You can either sit on the couch and watch TV all night or do something more positive. It’s all about the diet and training — the two go hand-in-hand. You can diet all you want but if you don’t put the training in you won’t get positive results.

“You can train all you want but if you don’t diet properly then you won’t get the results. Rest is also important.”

Simons said he was delighted with his win over Terry Spencer in the Masters Physique. “I really thought Terry was in good condition,” Simons said. “That was the hardest battle.”