Johnson has big pro plans

  • Bodybuilder Julian Johnson
  • Julian Johnson competes at the Diamond Cup in Vancouver

Julian Johnson has big plans in store for next year.

The bodybuilder, who trains out of the Ultimate Fitness Gym, has made qualifying for the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness Professional League his top priority and is confident of achieving his objective.

“I want to get a pro card to compete in IFBB Pro League shows, which is the next goal,” Johnson said.

“Next year I will definitely be doing that and I’m going to be on that Mr Olympia stage eventually.”

The 26-year-old moved a step closer to his goal after securing the men’s physique and classic physique titles on his debut at the IFBB Diamond Cup Pro Qualifier at the HardRock Casino in Vancouver last month;

“The hard work definitely paid off,” Johnson said. “Ross Caesar [his trainer and former Mr Bermuda] told me a year ago that we are going to get a pro card, and that’s exactly what happened.

“I just went in with a different mindset, especially since it’s the fourth year I’ve been competing. Size has been put on, the knowledge of the sport, the perception of stage presence and how I present myself — all of that has increased my ability to perform.

“Even with the freedom of expression with your body and just stage charisma, and knowhow to show how bad you want something versus somebody who is nervous and doesn’t quite have the assertive attitude to show they want to win.

“Over the years I’ve learnt enough, practised enough and put in the time to know how to represent my body on stage.”

Under normal circumstances the pair of titles that Johnson earned in Vancouver would have qualified him for the IFBB Pro League.

However, a split within the IFBB stemming from a major dispute that occurred between the IFBB Amateur International and the National Physique Committee last year means he now has to go the extra mile in order to compete at that level.

“Before when you earned a pro card you qualified because it was one big league,” Johnson said. “But they had a split last year, so basically I have a card right now only for the IFBB Pro Elite. The two leagues split, so I can only do elite shows with that card. I’m going to pursue the IFBB Pro League card as well.”

Johnson was accompanied in Vancouver by Sunder Singh, his gym-mate, who also impressed by capturing the men’s physique open class A title.