Sporting colours can raise level of national pride

  • The Association of National Sports Governing Bodies held its General Assembly Meeting on Saturday in the Kalmar Richards Conference Room at the CedarBridge Academy

David Sabir, the president of the Association of National Sports Governing Bodies, has called on Bermuda’s sporting bodies to set themselves apart on the world stage by wearing the nation’s unique colours with pride.

The association held their general assembly meeting on Saturday in which delegates representing Bermuda’s sporting governing bodies converged at the Kalmar Richards Conference Room at the CedarBridge Academy to hear and discuss sporting issues under the theme of ‘Call to action-Sports Matter”.

A number of National Sporting Governing Bodies have already adopted Bermuda’s blue and pink colour pallet including the Bermuda National Athletic Association, Bermuda Triathlon Association and the Bermuda Football Association, who feature the colours on their respective kits.

Following the meeting a statement has been released in which Sabir claimed National Sporting Governing Bodies, “gave their full and unequivocal support to the National Colours of Blue and Pink which a number of NSGBs have already transitioned to and currently wear these colors internationally.

“The delegates were steadfast in their belief that we need to raise the level of National Pride, distinguish Bermuda from the rest of the World and create a positive identity of uniformity when national teams travel overseas to compete and represent Bermuda.”

The Meeting also included the ANSGB Volunteer Recognition Awards presented in conjunction with the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation.

The Award was created as a token of appreciation to any person or organisation who has served their sport of affiliation or sport generally in an exemplary manner in a strictly voluntary capacity, while demonstrating commitment and by upholding the image and integrity of sports through tireless and at times personal sacrifice.

The Awardees for 2018 were, Timothy Trott, for 30 years of service to Basketball, Elka Gibbs, for 15 years of service to Equestrian, Gladwin Ford, for more than 50 years of service to football, David Crofts, for three years of service to Rugby and Martin Bolton for 25 years of service to Cycling.