Successful year for island’s riders

  • Riding high: Courtney Bromby, far left, on her horse Worth the Wait, Philip Correia, centre, and his stallion Emerson, and Casey Truran, riding De Le Vega, enjoyed an impressive 2018

Bermuda’s show jumpers have secured first place in their regional division after a successful 2018 on the international stage.

As well as being top of the Regional Team Zone Division Ten, Bermuda came sixth in the Federation Equestre Internationale’s overall team category.

The island’s jumping team is made up of Philip Correia, Casey Truran and Courtney Bromby. In the FEI’s regional individual rankings for Zone Ten, Correia and his stallion Emerson won the regional category A division (1.20-1.30 metres) — the highest jumping category of the competition.

Truran and his horse De Le Vega placed first in the regional category B division (1.10-1.20), while Bromby, riding Worth the Wait, came second in the regional category C division (1.00—1.10). Correia, riding Hornelli, Kayla Bardgett, riding Causing Chaos, and Abb Bardgett, on Up Up and Away, were third through fifth, respectively.

In the FEI’s overall world rankings categories. Correia was nineteenth out of 278 competitors, while in the B division Truran ranked 24th out of 213 competitors. In category C, Bromby ranked 22nd out of 318 riders,

Correia’s first place in category A has qualified Bermuda for the FEI World Jumping Finals in Quito, Ecuador, this year.