New racing season set to commence

Inwood Stables’s two-year-old colt, SomeGoldSomwhere, will make its harness racing debut during tonight’s season opener at the Bermuda Equestrian Centre at Vesey Street.

The Indiana-bred pony comes with great expectations as the full brother of Pocket de Gold, the former mare’s track record holder in the Free for All, and half brother of Gold n Glory, who presently holds the two-year-old’s and three-year-old’s track records.

“He’s got some promising breeding so basically I’m bringing him along slowly and see how he goes,” Nick DeCosta, the Inwood Stables owner, said.

“I bought him as a yearling last year. He’s been on the island for a year but he’s just been sitting in the paddock waiting to be broken and everything.

“He will be at the track and behind the start truck for the first time on Saturday night so completely in the unknown and it’s always a gamble whenever you get a two- year- old that’s never raced before.

“Right now he has a great attitude. I haven’t had any issues with him as far as that goes and I’m hoping that continues and works in his favour in the long run.”

DeCosta’s pony is the sole entry in the 1:11/4 and slower division during tonight’s season opener, which will see a combined twenty ponies competing among six different divisions.

“We have twenty entries for the first race day and it should be interesting,” Colin Mello, the Driving Horse and Pony Club president, said.

“We just wish everybody a good, fun and safe season.”

Another new addition to the local harness scene this season is electronic timing which Mello believes will only enhance the sport.

“It should be interesting with the new electronic timing,” he said. “Electronic timing should be really, really good.

“It is the equivalent of what standardbred use when they race so it’s on the same level as what they use out there (overseas) for their timing.

“We still have the hand clocks in the back, but we will be relying on the electric timing.”

Racing will commence at Vesey Street at 6pm.