Hamilton pair claim Men’s 2’s title

The Bermuda Volleyball Association hosted its second beach tournament of the season on Saturday.

Men’s 2s

1. Hamilton — Kyle Hamilton and Mark Hamilton

2. Just Sign Us Up — Sean Tucker and Kaleb Hamilton

3. Pink Whitney — Greg Bell and Adam Birch

Women’s 2s

1. Meg and Beth — Meg Calhoun and Beth Rae

2. Tish and Soph — Leticia Ferreira and Sophia Sontag

3. Sandy Cheeks — Sy McPeek and Caroline Amaral

Men’s 4s

1. Nips and Frosted Tips — Brandon Sousa, Eron Woods, Tyler Hurdle and Josh Malpas

2. Hit It From the Back — Keiran Hamilton, Ian Bucci, Chad Stoddard and Rob Saraiva

3. This is Fine — Mike Sakata, Shawn Furlong, Alex Styche and Richard Madeiros

Women’s 4s

1. Best Beaches — Sharri Weldon, Rachel Mackenzie, Mel Lopes and Chelsea Terceira

2. The Four Kages — Ivy Manio, Denise Somerville, Melisa Judd and Fhe Nery

3. Anna, Kate, Katie and Olivia — Anna Marcotte, Kate Marcotte, Katie Stevenson and Olivia Porter