Moore given extra time to reach Gold Coast

  • Last chance: Madelyn Moore is still hopeful of qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in April

Madelyn Moore’s Commonwealth Games qualifying bid is back on track.

The swimmer’s hopes of competing in the 50 metres freestyle on the Gold Coast, Australia, appeared to have been done and dusted after failing to meet the standard before the qualification deadline.

Moore, 17, came to within four hundredths of a second of the mark while setting a Bermuda record and personal-best time of 26.10sec in the 50 at the English Schools Swimming Association National Relay Championships at the London Aquatics Centre last November. She was then forced to pull the plug on qualification because of an illness.

“At the beginning of the illness, I was crying because I knew the amount of work I put in would be taken away by this,” Moore said.

However, Moore’s qualifying hopes are alive again after being granted a final chance to reach the standard outside of the deadline at the Luxembourg Euro Meet to be held from January 26 to 28.

“The Bermuda Olympic Association is accepting that meet can be a qualifier specifically because Madelyn, when she set the national record in the 50 freestyle, was four-one hundredths of a second away from the qualifying time. We know she’s at that level to make the time,” Ben Smith, the Bermuda swim coach, said.

“The extension is now going to allow her to get into a full training cycle and then try to get the time at the Luxembourg meet. Being that close to the qualifying time lets you know that it’s quite possible you can do it. Having this opportunity has given her a new outlook to being able to make it.

“It gives her another strong opportunity to hit the time. Outside of the Commonwealth Games, it’s also going to give her qualifying times for the CAC Game [in Barranquilla, Colombia, in July and August] and potentially Youth Olympics [in Buenos Aires in October], so it opens up a lot of doors for her.”

Moore, who has accepted a full scholarship to attend the University of Northern Colorado, and Jesse Washington are looking to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.

Washington is three tenths of a second shy of the standard in the 50 freestyle and just under a second in the 100 freestyle. He will have another chance to qualify at the National Stadium at the weekend.

“This is the last local opportunity for Jesse and we are hoping he’s going to be able to put it together this weekend,” Smith said.