Moore reaches B final in Lima

  • Second chance: Madelyn Moore finishes her heat in the women's 50 metres freestyle at the Videna Sports Complex this morning. She has qualified for the B final tonight

Madelyn Moore has qualified for tonightís womenís 50 metres freestyle B final at the Videna Acquatic Centre at the Pan American Games.

Moore finished fifth in heat four of the 50 free, which she considers her strongest event, in a time of 26.79sec.

Despite ensuring she will have a second swim in her event, Moore said she was not happy with her time, which was the fifteenth fastest overall out of 29 competitors.

ďIt felt like a good swim but the time didnít show it,Ē Moore said. ďI made it back to the finals, so hopefully I can improve my time.

ďYou always feel like you did everything you meant to do but then you look back think, ĎI didnít do thisí.

ďIím a little disappointed and I will be until probably after the cool down.Ē

Moore, who attends the University of Northern Colorado, said he was hoping to end her season on a high note in the B final.

ďIíll do my race prep the same as I normally do and not try and psyche myself out, which is what I do sometimes. Iíll stay relaxed and see what happens.

ďIím really happy that I have the opportunity to swim in the B final.

ďIím coming to the end of a really long season; Iíll have a two-week break and then Iíll be back to it.Ē

Meanwhile, Jesse Washington did not reach the B final in the menís 50 freestyle.

He came eighth in heat four of his event in 23.92. He declined to comment.