Bermuda Day Parade to involve tourists

Tourists are to become part of the Bermuda Day Parade, it was revealed yesterday.

Visitors will get to wave at the crowds during procession through Hamilton or watch it unfold from a VIP Front Street viewing spot under the Bermuda Day Experience from the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.

Glenn Jones, of the BTA, said: “Bermuda Day is one of our island’s most popular cultural events, bringing every facet of island life to the streets of Hamilton in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour and music and Bermudian heritages.

“Our new Bermuda Day Experience gives guests to the island’s two totally immersive options, either watching from atop our new Official Visitor Services Centre on Front Street or experiencing the day from beyond the front row by riding on a parade float.”

Options include:

• Beyond the Front Row Bermuda Day Access, which is a behind the scenes tour of Bermuda Day floats and chance to meet the creative Bermudians behind the floats. Tourists can ride in the procession and watch the remainder of the parade in a reserved viewing area.

• Bermuda Day Reserved Viewing, where tourists can watch the parade from the Visitor Services Centre on Front Street.

The Bermuda Day weekend, which starts on May 24, is in line with the start of Memorial Day weekend in the United States.

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