Great Bermuda Takeout Day next week

A bid to boost the hard-hit restaurant business will serve up a second course next week.

For the Bermuda Tourism Authority said it will promote the second Great Bermuda Takeout Day next Thursday.

Victoria Isley, the BTA’s chief sales and marketing officer, said the authority was pleased by the response to the first takeout day, held before shelter in place regulations were imposed at the start of last month.

Ms Isley added: “After weeks of cooking at home during shelter in place, we hope Bermuda residents who are ready and able will support food and beverage establishments once again — through the takeout and alfresco initiatives.

“Uplifting our restaurant stakeholders and their employees is a critical first step from a tourism perspective.

“As tourism marketers, it’s important we support their viability through this difficult time.

“Residents and Bermuda fans can expect to see future efforts focused on other categories of businesses, such as retail, golf, hotels and more when the time is right.”

People were asked to order food for takeout or delivery next Thursday and highlight the experience on social media.

She was speaking as the Government allowed restaurants to reopen for outdoor dining only as part of the second phase of relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions.

A BTA spokeswoman said the organisation promoted island food options on its website, and had started to list restaurants that offered alfresco dining.

Scott Kitson, the hotel director at the Rosedon Hotel in Hamilton, said efforts by the BTA and the Government to support restaurants like the hotel’s Huckleberry Restaurant were welcome.

He added: “Promoting the Great Bermuda Takeout and encouraging support of Bermuda’s restaurants is a critical piece of the puzzle in helping our operations survive in the longer term and getting our employees off unemployment.

“Bermuda’s restaurants play a critical part in delivering food to our community and providing a breadth of experience for visitors.”

Mr Kitson added: “Many of us are using our platforms to support the more vulnerable in our community through feeding programmes and that would be impossible without everyone’s support.”