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‘Don’t let your guard down’ for Jerry

  • Wayne Caines (File photograph)

Bermudians were warned yesterday not to take down their storm protection, with Hurricane Jerry maintaining its projected course to strike the island next week.

Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, will update the public today and tomorrow as the Emergency Measures Organisation meets each morning to assess the threat.

The Bermuda Weather Service’s forecasts, which do not extend beyond three days, last night put the storm 400 miles southwest of Bermuda on Monday evening.

But predictions continue to show the Category 1 storm on an apparent direct course over Bermuda on Wednesday morning.

Steve Cosham, the national disaster co-ordinator, said that Jerry’s impact could be anything from Tropical Storm to Category 3 strength, under yesterday’s forecasts.

Mr Caines said: “I would like to encourage Bermuda to stay prepared. Let’s keep our level of being prepared up. Do not let your guard down.

“It is our recommendation that you leave things boarded up and remain in a state of readiness.”

Mr Caines also urged residents to use care: one person severed a finger while readying for Humberto earlier this week, and others required treatment after falling from ladders.

In addition to press announcements at 12.30pm today and tomorrow, parents will get notice over the weekend on the readiness for public schools for Monday.

Belco last night reported 11,000 still without power — roughly one third of its customers. A spokesman said the company aimed to have power fully restored by the end of Monday.

Hamilton docks were open just 24 hours after Humberto, and Mr Caines said there had been “no indication from any grocery stories that we are running low on supplies”.

The Royal Bermuda Regiment remains embodied, and CedarBridge Academy will once again serve as a hurricane shelter is required.

Mr Caines noted there had been queries as to why the Devonshire school was used for emergency shelter, adding: “It is the only approved facility for shelter during a hurricane.”

The minister urged residents to follow media and Government outlets for regular updates on Jerry.

The Government’s tree frog app is available free from the App Store and Google Play Store for the latest storm information.

According to the United States National Hurricane Centre, Hurricane Jerry had picked up speed last night and was headed west-northwest at 18mph.

A weather system described as a mid-latitude trough was to steer the hurricane north and then northeast.

However it remained unclear whether the trough would weaken or strengthen the storm on its course in Bermuda’s direction.