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Tropical Storm Teddy looms in weather picture

  • Possible threat: the likelihood of storm force winds in the next five days from Tropical Storm Teddy as of 6pm yesterday (Graphic courtesy of the National Hurricane Centre)
  • Tropical Storm Teddy’s forecast path as of 6pm yesterday (Graphic courtesy of the Bermuda Weather Service)

Bermuda escaped major damage from Hurricane Paulette — but another storm could be on the horizon, it was warned yesterday.

Tropical Storm Teddy was yesterday still about 1,600 miles from the island, but forecasts predicted the storm would become a major hurricane before the weekend as it moved closer to Bermuda.

Mark Guishard, the director of the Bermuda Weather Service, said: “As of noon on Tuesday, the closest point of approach to Bermuda within three days was expected to be 955 miles to the south-east at 9am on Friday.

“Beyond that time frame, the forecast track is likely to bring the centre of Teddy closer to the island.

“It will probably be about six days before Teddy gets as far north as Bermuda, and there is large uncertainty about how close to the island it could get at that stage.”

Dr Guishard added that the BWS would continue to monitor the storm and would post regular updates on the BWS Facebook page.

The US-based National Hurricane Centre predicted at 6pm yesterday that the storm was expected to gain strength fast and could become a hurricane overnight as it moved west-northwest at 13mph.

The storm is expected to reach Category 3 strength — considered a major hurricane — by Friday morning.

But meteorologists said the storm could weaken to a Category 2 hurricane by Sunday afternoon.

Teddy yesterday had maximum sustained winds of 63mph with higher gusts, but wind speeds are expected to exceed 100mph by the weekend.

Renée Ming, the Minister of National Security, said that the storm was still far from the island and that its path could change.

She added: “Much uncertainty remains and it’s too early to make any prediction about the long term track of Tropical Storm Teddy.”