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Students become Peer Mediators

  • Happy to help: the Saltus Year 5 Peer Mediators

Saltus Year 5 teacher, Ms Jill Roberts, trained S5 and S6 students to be Peer Mediators.

According to Ms Roberts: “Peer Mediation is designed to allow trained students to help other students find positive ways to solve disagreements. One of the goals of Peer Mediation is to help students develop skills for dealing with conflict.

“Through Peer Mediation, students develop good communication skills. They understand themselves and each other better and Peer Mediation helps to improve our overall school climate.”

Teachers nominate students to serve as Peer Mediators. The following students have been trained as Peer Mediators: S5s — Carter Bernard, William Silvester, Ethan Ashley, Keira Burchall, Essien Binns and Cash Ferguson; and S6s — Rory Lucas, Chelsea Lomas, Caitlin Coleman, Bryanna Regier, Rachel Hyland, Kumani Jackson, Nathaniel Swan and Oliver Deacon. At a recent assembly, the Peer Mediators explained to students what is involved and how they can take advantage of it.