Young Observer

Tickets available for New Era dance concert

The Berkeley Institute Dance Programme will hold its 6th Annual Dance Concert “New Era” on Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 7pm in The Berkeley Institute cafetorium.

Tickets are on sale in the school office; general tickets are $15 and Patrons are $40.

The concert is directed by The Berkeley Institute dance teacher and choreographer Ms Nikia Manders and will feature various dance styles and innovative student choreography.

“We have many talented student choreographers who have been working diligently to organise rehearsals, create choreography and teach their peers.

“I am always impressed by our student choreographers as they are forced to take on a leadership role while challenging themselves artistically. Choreography is a different skill from dancing or performing and at The Berkeley Institute our GCSE students aspire achieve excellences in all areas.”

Ms Manders added: “Please come and support an exciting evening of Bermuda’s local talent through the Art of Dance. You will enjoy our student-centred production that will have you excited about dance.”