Young Observer

Students get to ask the questions during Gazette visit

  • Group 3 Yong 6Y

Sawyer Adderley, Keira Burchall, Nathan Burrill, Brady Cabral, Giana Cedenio, Erin Davies, Leo D’Souza, Reilly Durfy, Isabella Evans, Cash Ferguson, Tristan Malott, Ella Newton, Jack Pitt-Vimier, Ben Redburn, Charlie Reiss, Felix Ringsted, Oliver Stone.
  • Group 1 Dowdell 6D

Carter Bernard, Zachary Bishop, Phoenix Bowers, Zach Brosnan, Tristan Currelly, Gwen Davidson, Matthew Davidson, Constantino Deiros, Charlotte Hooks, Lewis Johnson, Henry Kerr, Jordan Mello, Ella Mooney, Leah Mooney, James Morrison, Dylan Sangster, Nicholas Southern, Stasia Spurling, Joseph Wetmiller
  • Group 2 McNeil 6M

Danielle Barroso, Essien Binns, Alana Braxton, Andrew Cox, Sam Dallas, Lizzie Davidson, Guy Horrell, Tomas Mello, Ethan Mora, Marc Piney, Ethan Rosorea, Grace Rothwell, Felix Schmidt, William Silvester, Dylan Smith, Bert Stevenson, Alyssa Walsh, Megan Willis

Last week 60 Primary Saltus students took a tour of The Royal Gazette.

The students were split into three groups with teachers and chaperones. Each group interviewed Royal Gazette news reporter Simon Jones and had a tour of the print press.

On tour students completed questionnaires.

Ms. Dowdell’s class was asked: “If you could sit on a bench and chat with someone for an hour, who would it be and what would you ask them ...”

“Messi. I would ask him what inspired him to be a football soccer player and how did he get so good?” — Constantino

“I would probably speak to George Washington and ask him to recap the war against England.” — Lewis

“Alex Morgan, the most famous women’s soccer player in the world. I would ask her about her soccer career and her love for soccer as well as her family and friends.” — Stasia

“Donald Trump. I would ask him why he chose to be the president and what are your plans for the future.” — Carter

“An astronaut. I would ask them about their job and how long they work for and if it is interesting floating in space.” — Ella

Ms. McNeil’s class was asked: “If you were Premier for the day what changes you would make…”

“It would be to get more electric cars. Normal cars run on gasoline and other gasses that send carbon dioxide into the air which is bad for us, animals and plants. It is destroying the ozone layer and ice caps are melting and creatures become extinct.” — William

“There should be less school days because children work in school all day. I think they work too hard and children should have more freedom.” — Ethan

“I would change the way people take care of the community. I think people should change the way they leave rubbish on the ground. It is extremely bad for animals, which I care a lot about. Everywhere I go I see trash. Thank you for listening to me.” — Grace

“I would put solar panels on the roof of all government buildings because then we would make energy without polluting the air. Also I would donate all of government money to charity to poor people not as lucky as me.” — Tomas

“I would change how many field hockey pitches there are because we only have one!” — Elizabeth

“If I was Premier for the day I would only allow electric or solar panelled cars or bikes so as to stop pollution. I would also stop using so many machines to give more jobs to the homeless people.” — Guy

“Stop animal cruelty and to keep our oceans clean and our air clean for animals.” — Megan

Mr. Yong’s class was asked: What issues are facing your generation in Bermuda?”

“Pollution is a key issue because it causes global warming which makes both poles to melt and that will cause Bermuda to be under water. When that happens no one will be able to live in Bermuda.” — Brady

“I think it is the growing population because back in the old days you could go to the park, ride your bikes without your parents being worried about strangers. Nowadays parents accompany you.” — Ben

“I think that there are too many social issues because people are cyber bullying. This also means that people are spending too much time on their iPads and computers so they are not appreciating sports and nature. Sadly technology is to blame.” — Leo

“I would like to see fossil fuels completely eliminated here in Bermuda. Fossil fuels are one of the main sources of global warming which is ruining our planet.” — Reilly