Young Observer

School turns out to be a great place to volunteer

  • Helping hand: Somersfield Academy student Tatum Brewer tutors P6 student Sienna Dill while volunteering at the Homework Club

So far, all of our charities have been outside of school and would require you to be transported there. Our group decided that it would be useful to volunteer at an after-school club at our school, Somersfield Academy.

This was great for many reasons: it was accessible, easy to organise, and helped you create a connection to the younger students.

Though we volunteered at the homework club, we intended on any club at the school. This is the perfect place to volunteer at because you can just stay after school and help the teachers and students with their work.

At the homework club, we worked on spelling packets, math problems, and helped with reading.

Overall, I think this was a fantastic way to donate your time to the community if you donít have access or time to organise going to a different charity.