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Students shine during What Matters Conference

  • Keynote speaker: Arabella Parker on “Our plastic ocean”
  • Addressing animal cruelty in Bermuda: Sienna Dill and Chloe Fagundo
  • Keynote Speaker: Arabella Parker presenting her project

Somersfield Academy was buzzing with activity at their annual What Matters Conference.

The What Matters Conference is a culmination of the P6 students’ interdisciplinary studies.

Each student is tasked with coming up with a well-researched project about a topic that means much to them and which takes them out of the classroom and into the community.

This year’s subjects included:

1. Sienna Dill and Chloe Fagundo — Addressing animal cruelty in Bermuda

2. Zander Rafferty — Why Bermuda needs a skateboard park

3. Evi Robb — Elephant poaching in Africa

4. Ryann and Carina — How gardening helps your body

5 Jonathan Gasaatura and Javion Laws — Artificial intelligence and robotics

6. Rajun Hart — The importance of a healthy diet

7. Stephanie Hardy and Taylor Smith — Finding a solution for diabetes

8. Imojen Judd — The importance of mindfulness and how it can affect our society

9. Luc Campbell — The problems and benefits of video games

10. Nile Bean — Why soccer matters, healthy eating and getting involved

11. Magnus Marsh — The importance of water

12. Arabella Parker — Our plastic ocean

13. James Cooper — The future of drones

14. Hudson Dragon — Aviation pollution

15. Eli Carpol — Why teachers should get paid higher wages

16. Kennedy Kowalski — Climate change

17. Thomas Cechini — Energy-efficient cars in Bermuda

18. Hanna Taylor — Dyslexia and The Reading Clinic

19. Jake Wixted — Why coding matters

20. Aydin Fahy — Are cars safe enough

21. Ben Crofton — Environmental impact of aviation

22. Cece Robinson — Recycling in Bermuda

23. Dana Hawitt — Diabetes in Bermuda

24. Joshua Mildenhall — Sargassum Seaweed

25. Robin-Valan Pearman and Taliah Wade — Effects of smoking

26. Matias Drew — Technology today

27. J’yindae Preece — The effect of social media on body image

28. Cole Kimberley — E-waste (computers, mobile-phone and plastic electronic waste)

29. Sam McCallum — Why coding is important