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Trio help out at The Reading Clinic

  • Teamwork: Tatum Brewer, Gregg Mwangi and Grayson Toogood

Tatum Brewer, Grayson Toogood and Gregg Mwangi of Somersfield Academy and the community project group of Waves of Gratitude recently volunteered their time and energy at The Reading Clinic.

The community project is assigned by our school in M3, the goal of our group is to “give back to the people who give in our community”. We highlight volunteers from various charities and commemorate them for giving back to the community. We are also going to get our hands dirty and volunteer ourselves.

This week we share our experience volunteering with The Reading Clinic and Somersfield Academy Homework Club.

On May 10, 2018 Tatum, Grayson and I volunteered at The Reading Clinic. Since helping with reading difficulties requires lots of training and experience that we don’t have, our volunteering time at The Reading Clinic consisted solely of organising files.

Overall, however, the people there were very welcoming and were fantastic hosts.

The Reading Clinic is a central institution when it comes to the topic of promoting literacy and numeracy in Bermuda.

They are a registered charity that provides assessments, tutoring, and related interventions for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties.

Through family and school consultations, referrals and advocacy, and by professional development, they foster the use of research-based practices to empower individuals who learn differently. In conclusion, visiting The Reading Clinic and learning about what they do was a great experience.

However, to help out requires a considerable amount of experience so I would only recommend it to those passionate enough to complete the training.